Bunny Sweater, Pink Cord Overall, & Onesie Outfit Lydia Powder Blue Diaper Set
Soft pink bunnies hop in the grass on this cozy white hand knit sweater by Bella Bliss. Add a pink corduroy overall and white onesie to complete this outfit for your special baby girl. This charming handsewn outfit is perfect for the baby girl who looks so pretty in blue. Elizabeth Rogers adds her special touch to vintage styles for babies.
Addison Armoire SAFARI Sweater & Chocolate Cord Pant Outfit
Simple clean lines of this lovely armoire encase a wealth of storage space. It's a wonderful piece that your child will not outgrow. Jungle animals are so much fun! Your adventurous little boy will be happy to wear this sweater anywhere. Bella Bliss clothing is comfortable, classic, and very well made.


Heirlooms To Be

Everyone has a story to tell, and the items we save are part of that story.  Any personal possession inherited by someone can be called an heirloom.  We touch those items and feel a connection.  Heirlooms revive memories of people and significant moments in their lives perhaps even moments we shared with them.
Here you will find high quality clothing and furnishings for babies and small children. These heirlooms-to-be have the potential to become family treasures and part of someone's story. Enjoy!





Heirlooms To Be offers gifts that have lasting beauty and quality.

Clothing and small gifts are always sent in our lovely signature gold box along with ribbon and a card. 
We are searching continually for more heirloom-quality clothing and furnishings for infants and young children.
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